Haas Creative is a creative agency based in Atlanta, but has no boundaries. Photography, Video, Social Media, Design, Writing and anything else you can or want to try and think up, we'll make it happen.

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I'm Dave Haas, Jr. (owner), photographer & video producer always hunting for new and exciting projects. My experience is more than just holding a camera, but working with lighting, talent and clients for all different types of shoots: landscape, architecture, advertising, portraits, weddings & events. I have video experience in the same fields, and hold a Bachelors Degree in Film Studies, you just can't see it in the photo because my left hand is cropped out.

I love to travel and enjoy recording my trips, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and 500px. Book me for your next project! I'm always looking for something new, or if you just want to grab a cup of coffee that works too.

Dave Haas, Jr. (owner - photographer & video producer)

Dave Haas, Jr. (owner - photographer & video producer)